Algorithms and Pizza

Is your pizza algorithm Artificial Intelligence, why or why not?

I think that the pizza algorithm is Artificial Intelligence. This is because the bot is using our program to learn. It’s learning how to interact with people. For example interacting by seeing what things a person wants on it’s pizza and the AI telling the person what it’s top recommendation due to those choices.

How is the article you read related to class?

The article I read which was “AI can determine what’s wrong with a patient, study shows” by Scientific American. In class we are learning about artificial intelligence. Most importantly this article relates to class because of similarities. Those people programmed the robot to help the community with an overload of patients. In a recent assignment we made a less important one for pizza. We programmed the online AI to figure out orders based on the questions and answers we put inside the program. So there would be less waste. There are also a lot more similarities and related things about these two things.



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